Bespoke Discretionary Mandates

Whether you have specific financial goals or a unique investment mandate, Stackr provides customized strategies to meet your needs. Elevate your investment experience with personalized wealth management designed just for you.


What is the Bespoke Discretionary Mandate?

If you manage investment funds and are considering ways to make them accessible to your clients, Stackr can assist with this process. By utilizing our services, your fund can be seamlessly integrated into the Stackr platform. The resulting application will carry your branding, offering your clients a cohesive experience where they can conveniently track their investments, using both traditional and digital assets.

Why would my client want to use Stackr?

Stackr’s cutting-edge savings platform is designed to make financial advisors’ work more efficient and valuable. Advisors can tailor pricing to match their clients’ needs, enhancing the overall service. By offering streamlined client reporting, smooth onboarding, and diverse investment options, Stackr saves advisors time and effort. Clear portfolio monitoring fosters transparent experiences, establishing trust and confidence. Stackr operates within regulatory frameworks, ensuring investor protection and bolstering advisors’ credibility. Elevate your services with Stackr, providing clients an easy, safe, and affordable savings solution.

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