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Through the Stackr platform, investments are securely managed within a sub-trust established in Bermuda for each investor. This arrangement ensures that all investments are safeguarded and governed by relevant Bermuda law. Bank of N.T Butterfield & Son Limited serves as the custodian of assets within each sub-trust. Eligible investors have sub-trusts created on their behalf, with the trustee managing chosen investments for their benefit. As distinct legal entities, each sub-trust’s assets are effectively shielded from the general creditors of other sub-trusts or the trustee. This added layer of safety, combined with Bermuda’s financial stability, political security, and economic resilience, enables investors to achieve better asset diversification, particularly during periods of economic and geopolitical uncertainty. Lima Capital LLC is the appointed and regulated Investment Advisor to the Stackr Master Trust.

It really is a personalised trust structure that helps clients to invest in both traditional and digital assets –


To become the trusted one-stop-shop for managing alternative investment in a secure, regulated environment, serving both financial advisors and individual investors.


To empower individuals to achieve their financial future through an innovative, flexible and cost-efficient long-term savings solution.

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