New to investing

Embarking on your first investment journey? Join us to #Stack your funds wisely and seize the perfect opportunity for growth.​

Why should I start investing?

Investing early on in your life can assist with compounding your wealth and financial development. By having a user-friendly platform to help diversify your range of assets, you can effectively reduce your risk, giving you a chance to benefit from broader market opportunities.


The platform allows users to choose investment products such as Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Digital Assets.

Professional Management

When investing in funds, it is the experienced fund managers who make investment decisions on your behalf, leveraging their large team of analysts and expertise.

Lower Risk

The diversified nature of the funds can assist in minimising the risk of your portfolio, over time.

How will I know which funds to invest in?

Seek external insights through reviews and ratings, and consult a financial advisor, who can provide personalized guidance. Stay updated on market trends for timely adjustments to your investments, and execute your chosen strategy seamlessy via Stackr. Take advantage of the Stackr Illustration tool as a first step.

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