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The Evolution of Money

The society we live in today is obsessed with the idea that monies only role is operating as a medium of exchange. After all, this property of money is essential, if nobody wants to transact using it then it’s not exactly useful as money. However, there is always an opportunity cost when using money. This cost has a lot to do with a market participants time preference. Time preference refers to the ratio at which individuals value the present compared to the future.

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Stackr: The Dawn of a Digital Asset Savings Solution

The need for new solutions that bring together the prevailing worlds of traditional finance and modern-day financial technology has never been greater.

At the forefront of this developing trajectory is Stackr, a global fintech company that aims to disrupt the global savings industry by assisting clients in achieving their long-term wealth acquisition goals.

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Stackr and NONA partner

In bringing this first mover savings solution for the blockchain community to market, the NONA team will be in charge of primary technological developments, including the building of interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Stackr is a long-term savings solution that enables investors to hold a diversified portfolio of both capital and digital assets, using a personalised trust structure.
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