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Stackr launches AI-powered savings tool

Stackr, the complete global long-term savings solution, introduces a personalized trust structure that allows investors to hold both capital and digital assets.

December 4, 2018|

13 days, 13 cities, 17 flights — Stackr is on track for Q1 2019 launch

As we move closer to the launch of Stackr in Q1 2019 we wanted to give you an update on how the project is progressing and what the founders (Cobus and Brendan) have been up to.

Cobus and Brendan have had a busy couple of weeks meeting with our service providers and regulators across the globe.
November 27, 2018|

Industry insiders Break Down the Crypto Crash

As the crypto market suffers its steepest drop in months, we asked to hear what the people who live the industry day-in and day-out had to say about the crash's causes, its lessons and its significance going forwards.
Cobus Kruger, CEO of Stackr comments: 
"The positive news around this fall is that if you understand the fundamentals of the crypto market, then what we are seeing right now is an incredible buying opportunity.”
November 21, 2018|

Traditional, Crypto or both? Stackr’s onboarding tool can help you decide

The Stackr tool allows you to experiment with different capital and digital asset portfolio choices. Through understanding the likely risk and return profiles of these assets, investors can blend capital and digital assets in a way that reflects their long-term investing goals.
November 15, 2018|

Stackr and NONA partner

In bringing this first mover savings solution for the blockchain community to market, the NONA team will be in charge of primary technological developments, including the building of interfaces and application programming interfaces (APIs).

Stackr is a long-term savings solution that enables investors to hold a diversified portfolio of both capital and digital assets, using a personalised trust structure.
November 9, 2018|
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